Swarms of Honeybees 

Teifiside Beekeepers provide a free swarm collection service from Newport, Pembs in the south to Brechfa in the east and Aberaeron in the north taking in Cardigan, Newcastle Emlyn, Llandysul and all places in between.  

If you need help with a swarm contact Marion Dunn on swarm@tbka.org.uk or 07939 536 356.  Or email the Secretary on secretary@tbka.org.uk . 

This season we have had an extraordinary number of swarms to deal with and the signs are that there will be plenty more to come. Many members have been involved either in collecting or receiving swarms. As a result the list needs to be updated.

 The list falls into three categories:

  1.  those wanting a swarm either for their first colony or those looking to increase their colonies
  2. those willing to collect swarms and advise the public on problem bees
  3. those looking for experience in collecting swarms

 We desperately need volunteers so if you are willing to do this or if you fall into category 1) or 3) above please can you contact swarm@tbka.org.uk stating which category you fall into, giving your contact details and general availability. 

In order to have access to swarms for our members, we need to be responsive to swarm calls and we can only do this by having volunteers who are willing to go out and collect a swarm.