Colin Barber is our Bee Disease and Pest Information Officer. 

From July

Its time to start thinking about winter treatments for varroa and nosema.   always treat each autumn to stop the build up of mites.  

I think its a good idea to treat with a different product each year as much as possible to stop the mites becoming immune to the treatments for:


  • Apivar 
  • Apistan
  • Check mite (this is new to me) 
  • Apilife -VA
  • Apiguard
  • Oxalic acid   (mid winter)
  • Formic acid in the form of strips as mite away quick strips
  • Formic pro

Nosema apis and Nosema ceranae  

  • Nozevit 
At the moment this is the only treatment available ,i dont think it has a licence but it seems to help control this disease

 Acarine mite

The mites breed in the tracheae breathing tubes in thorax   devastating in the winter and spring .Apistan will help to control it there is no licence product available at the moment


Chalk Brood

chalk brood takes its name from the chalky -white appearance of the dead brood seldom causes serious losses .


A few scribblings from your friendly bee disease officer.