Mead making workshop. August 2023

2023 extraction day

It's been an incredible spring and early summer for our bees, and our apiary was bursting at the seams with honey supers, so much so that we were running out of empty supers to put on the hives! So we decided to bring forward our extraction day, normally in mid-August, to the first weekend in July. We were greatly assisted by our new acquisition, a nearly new electric extractor.  Here are some photos of our hard working team who extracted approximately 150 pounds of honey! 

TBKA held a Swarm Management workshop on Saturday 15th July.

Fifteen participants attended a two-hour information session. Colin Barber, our Pest and Diseases Officer, talked about approaches to prevent swarming, why colonies swarm, when and what to look out for, how to deal with swarm cells, and briefly touched on how to perform an artificial swarm, treatment of a colony, and purchasing locally adapted and not imported queens.

It was a friendly and helpful session.

TBKA extends its thanks to Colin and the participants for creating a supportive and interesting workshop.